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She received several “Best Actress” nomination and won the Best Actress of the year in theatre and TV two times and five times in radio.

Skilled instructor who uses a wide variety of teaching methods to make learning fun and keep students of all ages engaged in the learning process.


An accomplished Instructor /Actress/ Director/Writer/, in Stage, TV, Cinema, and Radio. Has done character work on 6 cartoon series and dubbed numerous films into Farsi.


  • 3D Tableau Creation (Facades of Houses) -Photography Being a librarian –Being fluent in Farsi and English- Translation (English –Farsi) Education
  • BA in English Translation | 1995 | Azad University
  • MA in International Relations | 1997 | Azad University
  • Diploma in Acting and Directing |1997| Samandarian School
  • Script Writing |1999| Karnameh School
  • Diploma in Film Production |2013|Vancouver Film School

As an Actress


  PLAY   Writer   Director   YEAR
 The Caucasian Chalk Circle Berthold Brecht Hamid Samandarian 1997
 Midsummer Night’s Dream William Shakespeare Mahmoud Hakak 1998
The Bernarda Alba's House Federico Garcia Lorca Roberto Chulli 2000
The Miser Molière AbolfazI Poor Arab 2001
* Confession About Women Mohammad Yaar Ahmadi Reza Hamedi Hamedi 2002
The Three Sisters Anton Chekhov Akbar Zanjan Poor 2003
Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare Hussein Farokhi 2004
The Poem of a Queen less Ant Naseh Katnkari Naseh Katnkari 2005
Ashagheh Mohammad Rahmanian Mohammad Rahmanian 2006
** The Portrait Slawomir Mrozek Reza Khaki 2006
The Public Drinking Way Akbar Radi Hadi Marzban 2007
The Rain City Melody Akbar Radi Hadi Marzban 2007
 All the Earth’s Morning Ayoub Aghakhani Hossein Mosafer 2008
The checkered city Farhad Naghd Ali Reza Hamedikhah 2009
The night Rachel left home Craig Lukas Parisa Moghtadi 2010
No Intermission John Michael Rib Parisa Moghtadi 2014
The name of all mothers Mohammad Rahmanian Mohammad Rahmanian 2015

*Won Best Actress of the Year (Theatre Forum Award) **Nominated for Best Actress of the Year (Theatre Forum Award)


  Movies and Tele Film   Director   YEAR
 Guess who is coming for Norooz Reza Beheshti 1998
The Hut Prand Zahedi 1998
* Winter 66 Mohammad Yaghoobi 2000
Fereydoon is kind Hamid Nematollah 2001
The rare window Reza Beheshti 2002
Know me Reza Ganji 2003
Maybe soon, Maybe Later Reza Beheshti 2004
Reward Kamal Tabrizi 2005
**Habib Daryoush Yari 2006
The man who ate his cherries Peyman Haghi 2008
Insomnia Mohammad Bagheri 2008
The Ghost Hamid Ghadakchian 2009
Upside Down Reza razazi 2010
New Day Masud Rashidi 2014
The Time will Come Yazdan Fotoohi 2014
The Foggy Road Bahador Asadi 2015
Shabeh Yalda Javad Moosavi 2015
Girls die too! Hasan HajGozari 2019

*Won Best Actress of the Year (TV and Film Festival)
**Nominated for Best Actress of the Year (TV and Film Festival)

TV SERIES and Radio

TV Series Director YEAR
 Whisper in my healthy ear Mohammad Rahmanian 1998
Nimkat Mohammad Rahmanian 1998
The Death of a Dream Fereydoon Jeirani 2000
Saadat Hotel Mohammad Rahmanian 2001
The Cook Mohammad Honarmand 2002
The Payback Shahram Shah Hosseini 2003
The Old Land Kamal Tabrizi 2004
The Icy Heart (1,2) Hossein Latifi 2005
The Line Abbas Ranjbar 2006
It’s All There Shahram Shah Hosseini 2008
Amen Manoochehr Hadi 2009
8/5 Minutes Shahrah Shah Hosseini 2010
Borna Abbas Ranjbar 2014
Thursday Night Sadegh Ashtiani 2015
* More than 100 Radio Drama Different Radio Directors 1997-2015
Moochin Hossein Tabrizi 2019
Iranian dinner Saeed Abutaleb 2019
Shame hmed Kavari 2020
* Won four times “The Best Radio Actress of The Year Reward” (International Radio Festival)
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As a Director


  PLAY   Writer   YEAR
 Oldooz Samad Behrangi 1998
 Khaleh Iran Marzieh Rashid Beigi 2001
I have nothing to say, Let it go Alberto Moravia 2009
The Autobahn Asha Mehrabi 2014

TV and Radio

  TV Tele Theatre   Writer   YEAR
I have nothing to say Alberto Moravia 2009
Let it go Alberto Moravia 2010
More than 50 Radio Drama Different Writers 2005-2015

As a writer

For Stage:

Autobahn (Performed in City Hall - 2014)

Movie Script:

Shooka (Published - 2015)

For Radio:

More Than 20 Radio Plays (2004-2018)

As a voice over actress

Performed more than 20 roles such as:

Beauty and the beast (Cartoon- Beauty)
Flatliners (Julia Roberts)
Inside Man  ( Jodie Foster)
Just Like Heaven (Reese Witherspoon)